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Top 5 Lightweight Campers Under 2,000 Pounds

Campers Under 2,000 Pounds Featured Image

From compact designs to innovative features, these lightweight campers under 2,000 pounds are revolutionizing the way RV owners experience the great outdoors.

Whether you’re a seasoned RV owner looking to downsize or a beginner looking to join the growing RV community, finding the right camper makes all the difference. If you’re ready to hit the open road without the hassle of towing a heavy load, you’re in the right place.

In this article we are going to cover lightweight campers, specifically those weighing less than 2,000 pounds. These campers offer the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and portability. We will also discuss each camper’s unique features and amenities.

Let’s jump in…

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Top 5 Lightweight Campers Under 2,000 Pounds

It’s no secret that there is an abundance of different sizes and types of RVs on the market today. With the growing popularity of RVing, manufacturers understand that every family, and every outdoor enthusiast has unique needs.

With that said, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to RVs. Sure, if you have a large family and are planning to live in one full-time, then a larger rig will be the better choice. But, for those that are just looking for a camper for weekend getaways or are looking to take a more minimalistic approach to camping, these lightweight campers offer everything you need for a quick trip to the campground.

Because these lightweight campers come in under 2,000 pounds, they can be towed by virtually any vehicle, from small pickups and SUVs to some properly equipped sedans.

The downside, however, is that these campers lack many of the amenities that you will find in larger RVs. But, if you’re looking for a small, lightweight camper for quick weekend getaways, you can’t go wrong with any of these campers.

1. Forest River Rockwood R16OTG

Forest River Rockwood R16OTG

Topping our list of lightweight campers under 2,000 pounds is the Forest River Rockwood R16OTG. This compact pop-up camper features a steel body construction with tent fabric surrounding the bunks.

For those who enjoy tent camping but are looking for the additional comfort of a small camper, the Forest River Rockwood is an excellent choice.

Forest River Rockwood R16OTG Floorplan

This camper is equipped with two beds. One bed measures 54” X 78” while the second one is slightly smaller at 42” X 78”. In addition, the 50” X 80” dinette converts into a bed if more sleeping space is needed. There are also curtains that can be used when you need a bit of privacy.

Because this camper has a dry weight of 1,281 pounds, it can easily be towed by most vehicles.

Other notable features of this camper include 12” radial tires, leaf spring axles, roof vent, and rear stabilizer jacks.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 17.17’ (open)/11.25’ (closed)
  • Width – 7’
  • Height – 5.33’
  • Dry Weight – 1,281 lbs.
  • GVWR – 2,241 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 145 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank – N/A

2. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 12SK

Campers Under 2,000 Pounds Featured Image

The aluminum body and fiberglass construction of the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 12SK help keep this camper’s weight well under 2,000 pounds. In fact, it has a dry weight of only 1,660 pounds.

There isn’t much on the inside of this camper, but it does offer sleeping space for two on a 60” X 78” mattress. It also features a Kenwood stereo with internal and external speakers for listening to your favorite tunes.

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 12SK Floorplan

In addition to the storage space underneath the bed, you will also find that this lightweight camper has plenty of extra storage in the rear compartment and underneath the countertop inside.

This camper also features an outdoor shower, a small refrigerator, and a pull-out kitchen that is well-equipped with a small sink and a two-burner propane stove.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 12.5’
  • Width – 6.75’
  • Height – 6.83’
  • Dry Weight – 1,660 lbs.
  • GVWR – 2,380 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 180 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank – 24 gal.

3. Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

Coachmen Clipper 9.0TD

One of the most unique campers in our list is the Coachmen Clipper 9.0TD. This rear-entry, pop-up style camper is a hybrid trailer that offers a lightweight option that has plenty of room inside while camping.

There is plenty of sleeping space for two people on the 54” X 74” double bed. In addition, this lightweight camper features more than enough storage space, both inside and out.

Coachmen Clipper 9.0TD Floorplan

The pop-up hatch and tent fabric walls bring the outdoors inside, without the need to deal with the annoying bugs. Plus, the hard-sided walls around the bed offer more insulation and security than a standard camping tent.

If you’re looking to take your adventures off-road, Coachmen offers the V-package that has more features than the standard model. With the upgraded package you will enjoy a 16-gallon freshwater tank, a small sink, and an outdoor shower. In addition, the upgraded package also offers a rooftop cargo rack for carrying extra gear.

Overall, with a dry weight of less than 2,000 pounds, this lightweight camper can be towed by most vehicles, and is ready for a weekend off-grid.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 13’
  • Width – 4.67’
  • Height – 6.42’
  • Dry Weight – 1,418 lbs.
  • GVWR – 2,194 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 194 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank – 16 gal. (V-Package)

4. NuCamp TAB 320S

NuCamp TAB 320 S

The NuCamp TAB 320S comes equipped with everything you need in a lightweight camper under 2,000 pounds.

This teardrop camper boasts a U-shaped dinette that easily converts into sleeping space for two. In addition, this camper also features a small galley kitchen and a convenient wet bath. Keep in mind, however, that the black tank on this teardrop is relatively small compared to larger campers.

NuCamp TAB 320 S Floorplan

What makes this camper different than the others in this list is the number of options that are available. For instance, if you prefer to boondock rather than camping at a traditional campground, there is an optional boondocking package.

The boondocking package features all of the standard equipment, but also includes a solar set-up, holding tank heaters, and under-glow lights.

You can upgrade even further with the lithium battery upgrade which includes a 200Ah, 12-volt lithium battery bank and a 2,000-watt inverter/charger.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 15.25’
  • Width – 6.67’
  • Height – 7.67’
  • Dry Weight – 1,993 lbs.
  • GVWR – 3,000 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 164 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – 5 gal.
  • Gray Tank Capacity – 18 gal.
  • Fresh Water Tank – 19 gal.

5. Forest River NB10.5

Forest River NB10.5 Floorplan

Wrapping up out list of lightweight campers under 2,000 pounds is the NB10.5 by Forest River. This compact camper is built for off-road adventures.

Inside you will find a small seating area that converts into a sleeping space for up to two people. In addition, there is ample storage throughout the trailer. One feature that this camper has that many other compact campers don’t is the included wardrobe closet.

Forest River NB10.5 Floorplan

Outside there is a small pull-out kitchenette that is equipped with a two-burner propane stove and a small 110V/12V refrigerator. What I find the most convenient is the location of the pantry. It is located in a compartment right next to the kitchen.

There is also a full-sized awning that is especially useful on those sweltering summer days. If that’s not enough to beat the heat, the NB10.5 comes well-equipped with a 13,500 BTU air conditioner.

Other notable features of this lightweight camper include the off-road tires and roof mounted rack for carrying any extra gear you might want to bring along.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 13.8’
  • Width – 7’ 4”
  • Height – 7’ 5”
  • Dry Weight – 1,570
  • Hitch Weight – 210 lbs.
  • GVWR – 3,710 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank – 30 gal.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our article of the top 5 lightweight campers under 2,000 pounds, it’s clear that the world of adventure knows no bounds when it comes to portability and convenience. Each of these campers offers a gateway to new experiences, whether you’re a beginner looking to embark on a solo journey or planning to hit the road with loved ones.

Remember, the key to a successful camping trip lies in finding the perfect balance between functionality and freedom, and these campers deliver just that. So, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time nomad, let these lightweight campers be your ticket to adventure.

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