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4 Awesome Pop-Up Campers With A Bathroom And A Slide Out

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Pop-up campers are perfect entry level RVs. They are compact, lightweight, easy to maneuver while towing, and can be towed by most SUVs and small trucks. There is a downside, however. Because of their small size, most pop-ups are missing some of the finer amenities that larger RVs typically have, namely bathrooms and slide outs.

Fortunately, some manufacturers understand the importance of having a slide out and a bathroom in a camper. First, a slide out opens up the living area for a roomier feel. Second, when nature calls, having a bathroom in the camper is much more convenient than heading for the campground bathhouse, especially in an emergency.

In this article we are going to take a close look at 4 lightweight pop-up campers that feature a bathroom and a slide out.

Let’s jump in…

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What Is A Pop-Up Camper?

Pop-up campers are towable RVs that are best known for their ability to collapse for easy storage and towing. They are a popular choice for those wanting to upgrade from tent camping, but don’t have the budget for a larger travel trailer or fifth wheel.

The most common of these types of campers is also referred to as a tent camper because the upper portion of the rig is outfitted with a canvas material, like a tent. In addition, these pop-up trailers will have a mesh screen around the sleeping areas that allow you to be close to nature, without sleeping on the ground.

Pop-up campers can also be hard-sided, like the A-Liner, or will have a small section of the roof that raises to offer more headroom, like the OPUS OP15. But, for the purposes of this article we are going to focus on the tent style pop-up campers.

Slide Out vs. Bump Out

Slide outs are commonly found in many larger motorhomes and other types of RVs. They are designed to expand the living space of an RV when parked by extending one or more walls outward. While slide outs are typically found in larger RVs, they can also be found in pop-up campers, only not as common.

What you will typically find in a pop-up camper is what is referred to as a bump out. A bump out is designed to open up the living space by extending, or bumping out, a small portion of the canvas part of the wall.

The main difference between a slide out and a bump out is a slide out extends the floor, the wall, and the canvas while the bump out only extends the canvas part of the wall.

Types Of Bathrooms Available In Pop-Up Campers

Despite the variety of pop-up camper layouts, there are only a few that have a bathroom, but they do exist.

The four most common bathrooms you will find in pop-up campers are a dry bath, a wet bath, a curtained bathroom, and a cassette toilet.

Dry Bath

A dry bath is very similar to a regular household bathroom. Theses bathrooms have a separate shower area that will keep the rest of the bathroom dry.

Because of the space need for a dry bath in a camper, you will typically only find these bathrooms in larger pop-up campers. As far as the tent-type pop-ups, there just isn’t enough floorspace to accommodate this style of bathroom without sacrificing other must-have amenities and features.

Wet Bath

A wet bath is a space saving bathroom design that combines the shower, toilet, and sink into one room and is most common in smaller, tent style pop-up campers.

The main drawback of a wet bath is everything in the room gets wet. Basically, you will be taking a shower in the same cubicle as the toilet. In addition, if the floor is still wet after a shower, you will be stepping in water when you use the toilet.

Wet baths aren’t for everyone. Some people would prefer not to step in someone else’s shower water to use the toilet.

Curtained Bathroom

Smaller pop-up campers will not have walls to separate the bathroom from the rest of the living space. Instead, they will have a curtained area that will include either a cassette toilet, a flush toilet, or in some cases, a portable toilet.

These curtained bathrooms may also include a shower head for bathing. If you’re a stickler for privacy, a curtained bathroom may not be the best choice for you.

Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet is a permanent fixture like any other RV toilet. The main difference is the cassette toilet will have a portable black water tank underneath it, instead of a large black tank like typical RVs.

The size of the black tank on these types of toilets is generally around five gallons, instead of the much larger 20 gallon and larger tanks of other RVs.

4 Pop-Up Campers With A Bathroom And A Slide Out

Now that we’ve covered slide-outs and bathrooms, let’s get into our list of pop-up campers. Because of their compact size, there aren’t many variations in floorplans as you will notice below.

Coachmen Viking Legend 2485SST

Coachmen Viking Legend 2485SST

The Coachmen Viking Legend 2485SST pop-up camper combines functionality and comfort. Once this camper is set up, the first thing you will notice is the openness that is created by the slide-out, which houses a booth dinette.

In addition to a slide-out, this pop-up camper also features a wet bath with a shower and a Thetford cassette toilet. The bathroom is surrounded by a curtain, but it also features a fold-up panel for extra privacy.

Coachmen Viking Legend 2485SST Floorplan

The small galley kitchen is equipped with a small acrylic sink, a high output two-burner propane stove, and a micro-refrigerator.

This pop-up camper sleeps up to 5 people and includes a Queen-sized mattress in one expandable bunk and a King-sized mattress in the opposing bunk.

The 2485SST also features ample storage space inside and outside of the camper, including a pull-out storage box that is located on the front of the unit.

Some popular options for those wanting to take things off-grid are 15” off-road tires and a 200-Watt solar upgrade.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 19’ (closed)
  • Width – 7’
  • Height – 4’ 6” (closed)
  • Dry Weight – 2,840 lbs.
  • GVWR – 3,296 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 296 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A (cassette toilet)
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity – 23 gal.

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2514F

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2514F

What I like the most about the Freedom 2514F is the powered roof lift system. Not only does it make setting up the pop-up camper a breeze, but it is also extremely convenient when setting up in inclement weather.

When you step inside the large entry door you will notice that not only does this pop-up camper have a slide and a bathroom, but it also has a bump out located above the kitchenette. This extra feature opens up the living space even further giving the camper an open and airy feel.

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2514F Floorplan

The Rockwood Freedom 2514F has a total sleeping capacity of up to 6 people and features a convertible dinette, a gaucho sofa/bed, and two large mattresses at either end of the camper. For added convenience, both mattresses have curtains that be closed for extra privacy at night.

Another feature that makes this pop-up camper unique is the amount of storage space it has. Although this pop-up camper is compact, it has ample storage both inside and outside. This includes several storage cabinets inside and an easy-to-use storage trunk located on the tongue of the camper.

Each Freedom series camper also includes solar panel prep, a Create-A-Breeze roof mounted vent fan, and plenty of USB charging ports for your electronics.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 19’ (closed)
  • Width – 7’
  • Height – 6’ (closed)
  • Dry Weight – 2,673 lbs.
  • GVWR – 3,295 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 295 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A (portable toilet)
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity – 20 gal.

Forest River Flagstaff 228SE

Forest River Flagstaff 228SE Pop-Up Camper With Bathroom And Slide-out

The Flagstaff 228SE (sports enthusiast model) camper by Forest River was built for couples and small families that love to explore. With higher ground clearances than other models on the market, this camper is made for camping off-the-beaten-path.

On the inside of this pop-up camper is sleeping space for up to 6 people and features a 60” X 80” bed at one end of the camper and a 70” X 80” bed at the opposite end. In addition, there is a convertible dinette and a gaucho bed/sofa for extra sleeping space if needed.

Forest River Flagstaff 228SE Floorplan

The slide-out houses a booth dinette and provides extra living space when extended. Next to the dinette you will find a small swing galley that features a three-burner propane stove, a compact fridge, and a small sink.

One main drawback of this pop-up camper is the bathroom. It doesn’t come standard on this model, but a shower/cassette toilet combo can be included as an option.

On the outside of this camper is a propane griddle that is located underneath a 10’ 6” awning, perfect for those warm sunny days camping off-grid.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 18’ 6” (closed)
  • Width – 7’
  • Height – 6’ 3” (closed)
  • Dry Weight – 2,868 lbs.
  • GVWR – 3,875 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 375 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A (cassette toilet)
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity – 20 gal.

Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 232ESP

Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 232ESP

Like the Flagstaff listed above, the Rockwood Extreme Sports Package by Forest River was built for outdoor enthusiasts. Not only does this pop-up camper feature a slide out, but it also features a shower/cassette toilet combo as part of the standard equipment package.

You will also appreciate the fact that this camper comes equipped with a solar package, a power roof lift, and large 15” mud tires for taking things off-road.

Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 232ESP Floorplan

Inside the camper there is sleeping space for up to 5 people and plenty of storage space throughout the rig.

The dinette is tucked inside the slide out and can be easily converted for additional sleeping space if needed. Beside the dinette is a small swing galley kitchen that is equipped with a three-burner stove, a small sink, and a mini fridge for keeping things cool.

If you would rather cook outside, this pop-up camper features an outdoor griddle where you can whip up your favorite meals while hanging out under the awning.

What I like most about this pop-up camper is the large, expanded metal front deck (54” X 84”). It can be used as a storage space or turned into a hangout spot, like a porch.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 21’ 6” (closed)
  • Width – 7’
  • Height – 294 lbs.
  • Dry Weight – 2,952 lbs.
  • GVWR – 3,794 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 294 lbs.
  • Black Tank Capacity – N/A (cassette toilet)
  • Gray Tank Capacity – N/A
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity – 20 gal.

Final Thoughts

Pop-up campers that feature a bathroom and a slide out give you the opportunity to take your camping adventures to the next level. These campers not only offer the thrill of the outdoors, but also the creature comforts and amenities of home. And the best part is you won’t need to hike to the nearest campground bathroom when nature calls.

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